Friday, June 10, 2011

ColBy is 28!

Holy Cow I can not believe how old we are! Colby just turned 28 on May 7th. I am so so so so glad that this guy was born! I love him more than words can express:) I hope that he had a good birthday. We just gave him some much needed clothes and had cake and ice cream at our house for anyone that wanted to come and see him. I wanted to invite all his friends over and have a poker night or something fun but he told me if I sent out invitations to his friends he might have to kill me! LOL!! Colby doesn't really get into birthdays but I think they are special so even though he doesn't want to be the center of attention he can pull through it once a year! I say use it to your advantage if you're smart!

Kaders and I love you to infinity and beyond! Thanks for being a great dad and husband for us!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Kade had to get tubes put in his ears on the 26Th of April, It had been a long time coming, we were excited to not get ear infections anymore but were a little nervous about our little buddy going under the anaesthesia. He was so excited to be at the hospital and they even had a little TV for him to watch while he waited... he had no idea what we were there for and no idea what he was in for. I being the crazy over protected mom that I am asked the guy if I could go in with him until he went under... he said OK and I had to get in a gown and all that jazz. I knew Kade was gonna freak when he realized what was going on. The anaesthesiologist's was so sweet and fought for me to be able to go back. The other Dr's were kind of brats and thought I was crazy... o well mother knows best... and don't fight with me on that one cause I will win:)
Kade was a trooper and I was glad that I was able to go back cause he was really scared. we had to hold him down and give him the gas which was not fun to do to your child but I was glad that I was able to comfort him a little:( It didn't take very long to do the procedure but it was still torture.... and yes..... I cried:(
After the surgery Kade was really sad a groggy but all in all it was great to have done and no more ear infections or askin me for drops for his ears! YEAH!

Daddy helpin Kaders get all ready to go:)

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Kade had the best time hunting for eggs all over the house he says EGG so stinkin cute and was even more excited cause they were dora and diego eggs... oh and square pants:) thats what kade calls spongebob now:) after he found em all... he started to hide them himself s that he could find em again. He would walk around with his little basket and say EEGGG... like he was calling them to come out of hiding. It was so funny! After our little hunt we got ready colored eggs and went the rounds to the gradparents. Kade had another little egg hunt at my moms and then we had some great food at Evelyns! Easter was a success!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So I have be such a huge slacker on blogging lately and I need to stop because the whole point of this thing is to document our life not just all the fun things that we do. So I am gonna start writing more with that in mind... So this might turn into a venting blog or something:) lol! So Kade has been sick with ear infections for the past two months literally!! No JOKE! He got his first one and we ended up in the emergency room because we had no idea what his problem was:( It was so stinkin SAD! They ended up having to give him lortab for the pain so he could even sleep, which was pretty scary for us. I had no idea they could or even would do that for a kid that's not even two but it helped and at the time we were willing to try just about anything to make him feel better. Now since then we have returned to the Dr about 7 times... I went 3 times in one week which is super fun!! ha ha they prob think that I am crazy at the Dr's office but seriously I just wanted someone to help the poor kid! They have told us now that he should prob get tubes so we are scheduled for the 26th for that:( I am not looking forward to it but I know he will feel better after. For now they have given us 3 different antibiotics to help in the mean time all have given him horrible hershey squirts..(not to be gross) but now he has the worst case of diaper rash that I have ever seen! Oh my gosh really we can't catch a break. I tried to let it air out today and Kade has pooped on my floor at least 4 times I have been cleaning up Sh*& all day!! ha ha a mothers job is a dirty one that's for sure! not to mention the sad little voice when I have to give him medicine or change his diaper he cries and through his tears he tells me "betterrr betteerr" He just wants me to make is better, talk about break your heart! Poor Kade anyone know any good diaper rash medicine we seriously need help at the Christensen's :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Love DaY

SO I know it is long past Valentines Day and I was thinking about not even writing about it since it has been so long but then I thought... "You know what, Colby deserves a post about him everyday!" REAlly, I could not love this man more! He puts up with me and all my faults and loves me in spite of them! He works so hard for our family and never ever complains! He is the best dad EVER! Kade thinks he walks on water:) And wants to be just like him already... I am so grateful that he has such a good dad to set such a good example! And I am so glad that he is mine!! I am one lucky girl to have this hottie as a hubby!!
This year for V-day we went out to dinner to Joes Crab Shack (without Kade!), we had a great date with great food and actual conversation:) That is hard to come by when we have our little booger with us so we do cherish it these days!
Colby got me some flowers and perfume... I didn't take pictures of our goodies because I did kill my flowers in about 2 days! I couldn't figure out why they died and then Colby lovingly told me it was probably because I cooked right next to them about three times practically burning them with steam! ha ha:) Trust me they were gorgeous before that!
Colby I am so grateful that you are my Valentine 365 days a year! xoxoxox

Friday, February 4, 2011

Better late than never

So for new Years we put Kade to bed and had Mike and Julie over to our house for some good snacks and much needed grown up time:) It was pretty low key but that's what we wanted! We are just glad that we have such great friends that don't mind how boring we are now!! ha ha..

This year I vow to be a better wife and mom! Go to church more often:) ha ha and make sure that I make the most of my time! hope I reach em!! along with all the others
losing 20lbs
making more meals:)
taking more pictures etc...etc..etc..
On to FEB the LOVE month since it is already here!

Friday, January 7, 2011

X-Mas 2010

So here is our second attempt at getting Kade to like Santa this year... I can't tell who is more scared; Santa or Kade:) This is gonna be a great picture to look back on in years to come!
Of course the night before Christmas we made Santa some cookies to eat. We made an attempt to make sugar cookies but pretty sure all Kade wanted to do was play in the dough:) O well he was cute doing it and what did I really expect from a 1 yr old.

Christmas morning we had to wake Kade up to see what Santa brought him. He knew alot more this year then last but still had no clue why he was getting presents. He sure loved unwrapping them though, He would get mad when me and Colby took a turn so I am pretty sure he opened all the presents... ha ha of course we didn't care though. Watching him get so excited was by far the best part of Christmas!

After we opened up our presents we ate breakfast... We made scones and they were very good:) Then we headed off to all the grandparents house.
Kade got a cute little chair of his own to sit in and watch movies from Grandma, and he loved it! He thinks he is so big... it's so stinkin cute.
Of course we all got spoiled rotten from our family, I was pretty bad at taking pictures of everything cause we video taped so I don't have all the pics of our loot!

Grandma Evelyn made all the grandkids these cute little beenies:) I just love them. Kade does too. Whenever we go outside he pats his head and says "Hat" so I can put in on him! I just want to squeeze him all day!
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!